Where did the last few weeks go? Christmas is just around the corner and with it, the wonder of what gifts to buy for your the sports enthusiast in your life! At Live On The Edge, we’re specialists in recovery sports brands and products that will makes activities that little bit easier for those that like to move.

Stocking Fillers for Sore Muscles

BLACKROLL MINI is a tiny tool for rolling out tired feet and releasing happy hormones! Studies have shown its regular use to improve both physiological and psychological states; so help rid sad and soreness in one during the dark winter nights by choosing this to fill your friend or partner’s Christmas stocking.BLACKROLL MINI

The Ultimate Luxury Sports Gift

Looking for a gift for the sportsman or woman who seems to have it all? One of best selling products is the HYPERICE VYPER, a vibration foam roller that uses the highest grade foam alongside a lithium battery with 3 speed settings. Vibration treatment through rolling has shown to improve mobility by 40% and that the VYPER roller is twice as effective as standard roller.

As a result, athletes gain more in less time. Vibrations also numb the pain that’s often associated with foam rolling too!

Hyperice- VYPER-vibration-therapy


The Best Gift for Working Out to Music

Some of us need the beat of a song to keep us motivated during a workout, but it’s often a pain to keep earphones in place. Award winning MIIEGO headphones hail from Denmark and are one of the few brands focused soley on sports headphones.

With MIIEGO, it’s a case of “No Wire, No Worries”.

They wrap easily around your head and work via Bluetooth to your phone or music player. Furthermore, they are also resistant to sweat and rain. Engineered to hold up to 11 hours of battery life, so you’ll be able to listen workout after workout.


Keep Them Safe On The Move

As the nights get darker, it can be intimidating if you’re outside alone. Looking to keep your friend or partner super safe outside? The Wearsafe device is a mobile panic button that can be worn easily on the move, attached to jackets, packs or belts – even a keyring.

Paired with the app via mobile phone, if they happen to need help on the trail, they simply press the button. This signals an alert to their chosen contacts instantly. As a result, loved ones will have piece of mind that they can be kept aware of any issues.


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