Why Use a Mouthguard for Sport?

Contact sports such as rugby, boxing, football and hockey all risk impact to your mouth. We’d all like to have a healthy smile, right? Research carried out by the American Dental Association show that athletes without mouthguards are likely to suffer 60 times more impact than those with protection.

Using a specialist mouthguard during sport is the best way to prevent injury and an expensive dental bill too.

Looking after your mouthguard as well as your smile is important, so here are some top tips on how to make it last.  

How Should I Take Care of my Sports Mouthguard?

Choose the Right One

There are many options on the market, but remember you only get one set of adult teeth, so it’s best to invest in a guard that will stand the impact.  SISU Mouthguards are up to 50% stronger than regular EVA models, and are designed so that you can breathe, drink and play whilst wearing it too. They can also be re-shaped up to 20 times, so you can ensure it fits perfectly every time. 

SISU mouthguard

Once you’ve chosen your guard, make the most of it by:

Not Chewing

You might be hungry, or nervous, but don’t chew your mouthguard!

SISU models are designed to give a perfect, custom fit. If you find you do want to chew, it’s likely you’ve not fitted it correctly. If you do find yourself nibbling on your guard, this can cause holes to form and encourage bacteria to fester.

You can simply place it in hot water and, hey presto, it will be as new and you can start again.

Cleaning Often

Caring for your mouthguard isn’t complicated; it’s a matter of keeping it clean and the bugs away. After each use, make sure to rinse it out and dry it off completely, so it doesn’t harbour germs. Using a solution such as Milton fluid, you can kill off 99.9% of bacteria in just 15 minutes. 

A good option and recommended by SISU is whitening toothpaste, which contains small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the agent used to help make teeth pearly white. In low doses found within this type of toothpaste, it can be an effective and safe way to get rid of germs.

Another easy option from the kitchen cupboard is baking soda. Simply mix it with water and use that as a cleaning solution to bring your sports mouthguard back to new!

Storing Securely

Keeping your mouthguard in best shape is also down to how you store it. Keep it in a secure container that has ventilation so bacteria can’t make a home for themselves! SISU have handy cases that are ideal for keeping your guard safe from nasty bugs.

SISU mouthguard features


Find the full range of SISU mouthguard here and contact us for any further advice on choosing the right one.



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